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lirik lagu sallie ford & the sound outside – this crew


east of the river and south of the middle of town
i’m in love with my neighborhood
yeah it ain’t perfect here, not even close
it’s what i like the most
teenagers dwell outside of pop punk theaters
loiterers and beggars
but at least there ain’t no parking meters
mr. green binocular man, sell me your charms
hold me in your arms
clowns on tall bicycles
and if you’re lucky
unicycles, tricycles

don’t know how i got here
but i know i like here
guess i came on a whim
that’s just what i do
and for the first time in my life
i think i really fit in with this crew
man walkin’ with a two headed dog
specs like john lennon
his eyes keep a spinnin’
then i run into the red skinned man
whose bed is the street
but he can’t walk on his feet