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lirik lagu sainthood reps – quitter


i heard what everybody said
i can’t hear my own head
forgiveness comes easy to me
i can’t forgive myself so easily
i kept it in, i kept quiet
hop on the train, walk alone, forget it, but
saying it’s not worth talking about
is what makes it worth talking about
i’ve seen it, i’m just too jaded to believe it
i was your world
now the weight of the world’s been lifted
by a rope, hanging lifeless
ready to drop like an anvil
i was an anchor, i held you down and
held your breath underwater so long
you almost drowned
every future is someone else’s past
closer and closer
the floors felt like sleeves on my body
i can’t breathe from the heat
i’m burning, i’m cinder
a bed of smoke
cigarettes in my sleep
death from beneath