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lirik lagu sadfriendd – vibekill


ay, uh, ay (saber gang)
ay, uh, wait

(verse 1: sadfriendd)
okay (pause), i cut a beat like i’m oj
and the chopper gon cast a spell on that n~gga, mala noche
flippin a pack in the back of back in the back of back i’m whippin a pack
i’m at the top and i’m (?) getting the money and i’m making it stack
i get bread, i get cheddar, chopper hotter than sweater
bullets, they gon rain on that n~gga check the f~cking weather
chopper got two dots like a semi colon
ima beat him in his face until that motherf~cka swollen
when i hop in the whip i’m about to drive it like it’s stolen
huh, wait, uh put down that strap that you holding
b~tch i’m out hеre mixing chemicals, with water likе a swimming pool
all these n~ggas tryna bite me cause they couldn’t be original
why they hatin on a n~gga? i’m a dashing individual
whippin a bibbin a pack, flipping a bag, earning my residuals
okay, turn a n~gga to a vegatable, bad b~tch, eating on my d~ck and my t~st~cl~s
i think i’m (?) cause a n~gga (?)
and the way a n~gga stacking up the bread it’s so majestical
i said i’m beating the beat up, i’m getting hungry i eat up
i’m in yo the crib with my feet up, and when i’m spittin i heat up
i’m powered up like vegeta, we spot him up like a cheetah
this chopper sing like anita, i heard yo b~tch was a eater
uh, wait….bring the sound back
n~ggas don’t want smoke but they puffin on some loud pack
from a city where my n~ggas they would not mess around at
and you said that you a king but p~ssy n~gga where yo crown at
lmao, i kinda figured where the clown at
where yo clown hat? b~tch she throw meat just like (?)
all cap, like graduation where is yo gown at
ima beat a n~gga ass and then i have to run it round back
(verse 2: xanakin skywok)
i be barely breathing while she sucking up my s~m~n
she a demon for no reason if you really know the meaning
i’ma k!ll her with a beam and make you (?) your (?) in pieces
ima (?) her (?) now i’m sawing up her fetus

woah woah woah that is a little bit extreme, let’s start over
aw yeah aw ooh

(verse 3: xanakin skywok)
y~y~y~you b~tches confusing, f~ck me then she p~~ping
you gon pull her ass then the hoe gon get to choosing
what i’m saying dueces. cause if that hoe be p~~ping
she sh~tting on a n~gga that she really thought was useless
oh yeah yeah, let me count up, how many n~ggas can i k!ll with my gun
d~mn, yeah, b~tch should talk up, sucking on her ass ima f~ck her then i nut

i’m like, uh, count dracula but, count cracula
like, i eat ass, i mean i suck ass, nah (count cracula)
forget what i said, aaahhh