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lirik lagu saccz x – x facctor


blue air maxes nicca
six owes go berserk
must put on for my turf like nip did
really frontline for the bacronym of this crip shyt…
blue bandanas n the city of walk-ups with deuce 5ths
positive, but specialize in beef like ruth chris
conditions set before us got my
queens fronts all ruthless
to member from banger, i try to limit my anger
always seen beads and wild out like i was on jerry springer
the transition is hardddd, like a new 2k player
i’m ontop of the food chain cuz im ontop of my preyers/prayers
if you want it go get it …
mothafucc the naysayers
mothafucc a handout … us naybors don’t need no favors …
it’s a challenge everyday, my nicca be the best you
but it’s seems when you try to change them succas test you
hard stares may result in a couple flesh wounds
constant poppin shyt ?
toy let (toilet) off six-feet ya rest room

you could c it in my eyes, i feel, been thru and give out pain
we are not the same, i am nothing like you fuccin lames
i do shyt for last name, my gang not fame
& don’t act off no emotions cuz i only use my brain
you eva wonder ?
who there for you thru, rain, snow & thunder
them mothafuccas don’t love ya ….
til ya rich, dead, six feet under
don’t eva doubt the hunger ya dayyys is always numbered
you could quote this, takes notes, put the shyt on tumblr
refuse to be in that box
mental, grave or that one in prison
any day could be ya last , no favoritism in the life we living..
fucc around get m v p, due to all this game i’m giving …
but the way i stand out, i be feeling like
the villain …
and i was born to be a rebel
i’m no cuffer nor civilian
collective, calm but always willing that’s how, six owes make a million/ 1,000,000
if you taking youth thru this cold game
have something to chauffeur/showfurr
instead of how to make bread, og’s handin em toasters
got ya youngings on the bars, bearing/ beer in arms for the buzz
instead of showing real love, you got ya homies off drugs
infest they minds with crime, treat like they real thugs… when all they need is some hugs, man this shyt has got me bugged
you lead em to no outlet, you are not a good plug…
it’s about who you are, don’t give a fucc bout who you was
rather… know you hate mee and be on point than feel snubbed
these are generalized statements
don’t do well at throwing subs

pull cards and expose frauds …on hood… nh to da nh’s… owezone i’m gone