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lirik lagu sabali – feeling good


yea, that’s right /
all praises to the most high, yea /

hook {sabali}
i’m feeling good yah’s got my back, yea /
i’m feeling good you can’t hold me back, nah / x2

verse 1 {sabali}
i’m feeling good yah’s got my back /
when i keep the laws within /
there be times when i be k!lling rhymes and i don’t need the pen /
blessed to be that brother who ain’t had to see the dirty pen, but free up all my brothers who be facing time while innocent /
streets are cold canadian /
igloo flow don’t box me in /
just to let you know i’m 5’4 heart is 7’10
aye, so let the bold ones take a stand /
we don’t feel happy lest it’s posted on the instagram, ay /
these some real hard times surviving on this earth /
feel like we’re declining consciously until there’s no more dirt /
that’s when we’ll be needing thirst /
nah brandy ain’t gone work /
cause a turnups gonna burn up in the midst of what you earned i feel my people in control of that /
but some of us ain’t got each others back, back, yea /
the sun rise with lessons to live and learn but living ain’t here forever so take up your main concerns

chorus {markus jackman, sabali & lexxie}
i need to know one thing /
are you waiting, antic-p-ting /
and if you reading revelations /
that woolly hair thang, is so amazing

hook {sabali}
i’m feeling good yah’s got my back, yea /
i’m feeling good you can’t hold me back, nah / x2

verse 2 {sabali}
now hol’ up (aye) /
yea right, i’m in the league (hey, yea) /
but yah’s in the lead /
i’m playing al green like his soul is in me (soul is in me) /
i moved out to whitby but baby that really ain’t stopping the dream (stopping the dream) /
seen all of that, seen /
can’t get in between /
part time don’t see what i see /
i’m building my work in the north just a young brother chefin degrees, who ready for me cause i got the heat, with faith you can see haha /
don’t be a machine know your enemy reasons we’ve become machines technology it’s sad how real these things effect our human being /
aye, so here’s some things you probably heard of /
shoot cause if he’s black he’s gettin paid to leave on murder, ugh /
yea, they like to slain up in america /
so they cannot complain when yah is coming back to merk ya uh /
and that’s some real ish /
what they cannot deal with is his business /
hustles on the street it got us living viscous /
sisters gotta know they precious /
my brothers /
strength on ambidextrous, think it’s dinner by the way i serve them breakfast

bridge {markus jackman & lexxie}
good, good /
he’s gonna make you feel so good /
so good, good /
{sabali} good ? he’s gonna make you feel good /
that’s why i give him all the praises

outro {sabali & markus jackman}
down on hard times /
ain’t feeling alright /
let yah be your light /
he’s always gonna make a way /
he’s always gonna pave a way /
no matter what way or no matter which way /
yahs got your back /