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lirik lagu ryan khan – enigma intro


i wake up every day i feel like i’m a disgrace for my maa, i feel dead they tell me to recite surah
it doesn’t count cause i have been away from my god too long
i just wanted to write a song, i didn’t wanna go wrong
i come from a place, where you get betrayed for some platform
they say let bygones be bygones, but how can you move on from something which tore you down
and is the reason for your frown, these hoes man
these hoes gotta go down
i was a strange kid, since i was born
mamma said thе thing where i was wrong
i gave my bеst to people who just wanted me to drown
never got anything from the ones i wanted around
but now i’m loose like a hound
gotta stop playing safe and sound
make it rain upside down
hit these bars like a storm
cause with this pen, i feel like armstrong
raps like marathon, so gotta keep my lexicon
holy like it’s ramadan and yes
and then they say that i am puerile
guess their brain is just futile
i am a hostile, to my own thoughts
cause when i close my eyes
all i see is my dead corpse
with someone standing next to it
guess a f~cking warlock
who’s got my thoughts crossed
fighting them like frost
these demons, these motherf~ckers, tell me
i’m a lost cause, a paranoid, parasitic, paradox
listen up, f~ck it you all are hogwash
i already said in 2020 when i picked this pen
thought would not stay loyal to this pen
but when i realised this is the place where i can vent
i sticked to it like an investment
some say i’m too arrogant
but when you’re always treated like sh~t
buy some i~i~ignoramus i~i~ignorants
it doesn’t feel pleasant
cause with this ink, i am venomous
with no weakness, consumed by the darkness
which i harness, consumed by the hate which is obnoxious
consumed by the pain, which makes me consciously unconscious
i use this rap as catharsis
to reminisce and dismiss all my mental illness
my exes say, that i’m an insecure element
a sentimental mental
the snakes say that i’m cynical
some rappers around me
they’re not my equal
they surround me
and want me to stumble
cause they know when they rap fast
they fumble and mumble
as they fumble and mumble
they mumble and jumble
and they know when i hold that vain
i won’t be f~cking humble( i f~cking won’t mate)
the things i’ve lost are irreplaceable
consumed by the anger which is unexplainable
which made me unforgivable
towards people
who did things which are unforgettable
these insecurities, and feelings are uncontrollable
still makes my moves on you, irresistible
cause i’m capable of lyrically causing damage
some trash talk about me
some tweet about me
some make memes about me
some wannabes wanna be me
but they know they can’t be me
so they gotta bend a knee
cause i’ve got a tendency
to cuss with ecstasy
and it’s just so funny
how these people, they snitch on their own
for some money, flow so heavy so they envy
then they say i won’t get anything cause i’m too corny
but why, i got something, and it’s on my d~ck
i got your girl on my d~ck
and her b~tch as my sidechick
my b~tch tried to side switch
i turned her off like a light switch
my d~ck is stiff like a stick
a lyrical misfit, but she likes my d~ck in her midriff
best at what i do like gilchrist
can see the game through, as i hit it with a pace
and take it to a place, which is on a different sp~ce
leave with no trace, i’ve made my base
i gotta rise with some f f ucking grace
they know that i won’t leave any trace
f~ck it