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lirik lagu russgee – grimey gang


i be paranoid i f~ck around up it through my bubble jacket
carbon or the glock, the arp a put em in a casket
draw down on the opps ain’t doing no playing we gone let ’em have it
1995 i came up out a womb a f~cking savage
we was broke sleeping on pallets now my paper stretch elastic
moving bags this paper stacking
different flavors really trapping
we got moon rocks, plenty bags of runtz and we got wedding cake
choppa twist em’ funnel cake n~gga must done run away
too booted i be going stupid i’m still fresh out the pen
use yo head before you lose it, bro em’ they be tryna spin
counting money getting to it i just want the benjamin’s
f~ck 12 i’m get the shooting they try to take my life again
i came in fly and high as h~ll, i changed the altitude
shawty say i don’t give her time, she say i’m rude
shawty say she really hate what i do can’t f~ck with no b~tch with no nasty attitude
say money don’t buy happiness i just popped another
just f~cked on yo mother, kick her out the door usher
f~ck n~gga play i’m bussing, not from charleston but b~tch i’m southern
don’t ask what i’m doing in yo hood i came to get it jumpin
n~ggas know i’m g. g. ain’t no putting us under
rolled a 3.5 up this b~tch is purple punchin
b~tch calling me broke cause i won’t buy her nothing
only time i really care is if i’m nutting

dead opps in my lungs n~gga, we don’t cap on songs n~gga
shawty wanna f~ck but i ain’t on that , bring yo tongue witcha’
them n~ggas could get slump witcha’
him, him ,take out auntie too
tryna turn him to a new pack smoke em’ like gorilla glue
you like that i’m a menace too n~ggas cap they really fu
hop out that van with all my dogs just like i’m scooby~doo
i really be tryna chill but i ain’t got no time to lose
mr. f~ck these b~tches by the two you know how lil wauppo do
you want yo hoe then come get her she say that i’m her favorite n~gga
let me put my kids on her face, she my lil baby sitter
hitting her from the back i’m tryna k!ll hoe
i ain’t playing withcha you’kno what i’m saying n~gga
ay russ bro don’t be playing with em
russgee, yea you kno what’s maccin
g~lock fit in the pants, sun like a pocket packet
i don’t really want the b~tches, but ima b~tch magnet
rolling big blunts of za’s yea i gotta have it
n~ggas sneak dissing i gotta at… royal7fo4 , you never at it
controlling my motion you would’ve thought i added an addy

twenty~ eight he want a adrian, i juug em gave em twenty~two
hopped up in my bag snapping
and i do what i wanna do i smell like za residue i been playing with them p’s
grimey young n~gga i’m from the trey but i be cracking three’s
i’m hot one hundred degrees, get yo ho’ off her knees
i told the gang to chill cause i got some sh~t up my sleeve