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lirik lagu rose the firebreather – alone


(verse 1)
it’s haunting me, the make believe
i’m breaking free but i’m afraid to be alone
there’s more to see, we learned to bleed
now it’s time to leave but it’s so unknown

i don’t really need you but sometimes i want you
cannot understand you, do i really need to at all?
need to at all
hoping that i break through all the walls i see through
i’ve been being strong but i’ll answer the phone if you call

i’m breaking free but i’m afraid to be alone


(verse 2)
maybe we were too d-mn bright
maybe we were all alright from the rearview
maybe it was just one night
maybe we really survived all that we been through
maybe you were the man of my dreams but don’t dreams have to end too?
so if this was my greatest mistake, then i’m glad it was you
i’m glad it was you
but i’m glad that it’s over too