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lirik lagu ron e polo – rep jr


i ain’t never lose ito
dropping for amus~m~nt
i want to have a show
i’ll jump online and zoom it
ain’t got no room for rumors
i wrote this poem in pumas
i’m spicy like the tuna
y’all music suck like roombas

the prince done ran away
but then linked wit timon and pumba
i been had heart
what’s a shark to a barracuda
made mixtapes from the greats
legends were my tutors
we marching for improvement
don’t make us turn to looters
behind the mask is a monster who be making music
buy you a drink but don’t think that i’m gone chop and screw it
call that
t pain nicca
i know a couple real ones from elaine n~gga
been away but tapped in
i’ll nеver change that
paint a picture with thе flow
you can frame that
see the music i put out
i leave it for the future
ron e polos
i’m call this ron e polo jr
you know what it is
ron e polo jr in this b~tch
614 tatted on me
you already know
on some otha sh~t
let’s go

ron e still got it
don’t got to switch the topic
know how it gos, sip tea that just spells gossip
i can start a store
go shopping in the closet
make sure the withdraws that you pull
match the deposits
this that breakfast flow
my people know that omelette
sent the track
got the emoji back wit green vomit
my whole team want it
watch out cause dp comin
naw, don’t trip
washed the whip
lean on it
lived a real nicca story
spent summers in the trap and did a number of recordings
i’m looking to get tattoos on my passport by 40
and if you ain’t careful then you can lose shorty
i don’t kid around like a family that’s aborting
f~ck the pressure
smoking weed when the whole party is snorting
if you ain’t hear about us yet
then you a late bloomer
it’s ok, like a sooner
this that rep jr
and i’m gone