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lirik lagu roger waters – the anderson shelter


the anderson shelter

[woman:] “it’s funny to think there’s no shelters this time. we had an
old anderson in the garden. i can see it now. we had stertians
growing all over it, and we painted the front green. painted it
looked quite pretty. next door grew cabbages on theirs.

[man:] “yes, we had a morrison. i used to sleep in it. mmmm. i stuck
pin-up girls all over the inside. betty grabel, ann shelton, patricia
rock. the roof got all smoky, ’cause i used to read in bed with a candle.”

[woman:] “yes, it was nice at the war, really. the shelters, the blackouts, cups of tea…”

[man:] “the a.r.p., the evacuees, london kids seeing cows for the first time….”

[woman:] “old churchill on the wires…”

[man:] “those were the days.”