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lirik lagu rodimis – rawdimis


rawdre verse: 1

rhythm and poetry you know its me
my floetry is raw like i’m sposed to be
so microphones stay close to me
as if they’re seeking refuge
they know i’m the best dude
not the one to step to
take nuclear bombs to the chest and brush it off like nahh
its just a flesh wound
sick like gesundheit
i spit this verse to bless you
so this must be a sneezing fair
and if you dare to breathe my air
i’ll stick a flaming sword into your heart and just leave it there
i don’t even care just call my b.s
but ima be balling spalding nd im gonna marry e-s
i’m really cool but i won’t try to keep a clean rep
cus all my students p-ss i just don’t give any f
i’mma ginsu knife
that’ll get you hype
what my pencil writes is just too tight
but im just too nice
yet i tend to strike any instrumentals that i like
i’m hot like gonorrhea
you chautsu i’m vegeta
i get your girl hot
yea i bake her like anita
she tell me i complete her
but i’ll say i don’t need her
i will take her to the pier
but i will not pay to feed her
she can take it out on you after i leave her
now you wanna fight me i can’t wait i’m so eager
look ho i’m stretching dough like pizzeria’s
i’m sicker than a fever
when it comes to beating beats up i got more hands than sheeva
c’mon dude you competing in a foot race with a cheetah
i’mma beatcha similar to how i beat this f–king beat up
food for thought now eat up
cuz this ain’t enough to feed us
my flow on some better than anything you could dream of
these rappers is meat beaters
skeet eaters
and i’m spiting heat seekers
finna blow up like cheap speakers
sicker than sneezing diseased creature
i’m fresher than leverage
you a sheep and i’m the beast from jeepers creepers
rhyming fire breather
ain’t got bad timing either
my mind is deeper than a giants v-g-n-
ain’t i a stinker?
“rawdre” i’m such a savage when i’m rambling
wanna become a fan of it
subscribe to my channel then

(good flow, see i)
born immaculate
written without cannabis
los angeles
eminent jungle animals
in battles without scratches
come out in jesus fashion
too clean
respect like greek figurines
n-ggas lookin prejudice
african hephaestus
invest and develop
pushed the envelope
dimensions high perimeter
deeper than non-sequitur’s definition
categorize to fiction
artist contradiction
canvas with no picture
check my literal
watch em maneuver
powerful as harry’s six shooter
further conveyance
enforcer of sudden impact
watch em tremble
shiver like women hittin melisma
raw enticement
mics ent-tled
battle authors, i got t-tles
comprehend what we insinuate
ears bout to levitate
audio c-n-l we incinerate
to the beat that we cremate
(ni-ni-ni-n-ggas on the, n-ggas on the)