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lirik lagu rocko – thumb thru the check


thumb thru the check
(feat. young scooter)

yeaa! you here me thumbin thru that check n-gg-
yea yo b-tch on my heavy man but i told her i’m sellin it
the only one you know who finger-f-ck the cash.. [laugh]

ay thumb thru that check, ay watch me flex,
b-tch ain’t never seen this much money look how she sweat,
thumb thru that check, gone cash it out,
whatever they want jus give it to em, gone p-ss it out,
thumb thru that check, f-ck a money machine,
finger-f-ck that cash, you hear that money scene,
thumb thru that check, make her break a neck,
thumb thru that check, bet you get her p-ssy wet,
thumb thru that check, order up them bottles,
say its a drought of hundred dollar bills, b-tch i got em,
thumb thru that check, i cant get enough,
thumb thru that check, i swear this sh-t give me a rush

up in every early morning man i gotta,
f-ck a money machine thats what i do,
i sell a bit then finger-f-ck thru it,
bet my most on everything i do since i was two,
i don’t know about you though but i’m gone do it,
thats all i love to go,
thats all i wanna do,
all day, every day

thumb thru that check, make sure its at enough,
thumb thru that check, rubber band to back it up,
thumb thru that check, i don’t know yo -ss like that,
ain’t no disrespect, make sure it ain’t counter-feit,
i gotta thumb thru that check, make sure its correct,
you know these n-gg-s be playin games but we ain’t goin for that,
thumb thru that check, he playin i pay a bounty,
quick a picker upper, b-tch i’m from fulton county,
thumb thru that check, on everything i love,
i’m shakin booty gov. my favorite club the booty club,
thumb thru that check, i swear this sh-t so fun,
stack them hundreds, fiftys, twentys spendin tens, fives, and ones (ayy!)


i jus jooked a million dollars, thumb thru it all in 60 seconds,
count it all with one hand finicial thrumbin thru the check,
brick fare, i thrumb thru it,
freebands, i thumb thru it,
i’m sleepin thumbin thru the check, got money in every room,
future up in pluto thumbin checks throw it down on you,
check in my pocket, sh-t taller than you,
thumb thru the check, thumb thru the check,
i jus f-cked yo b-tch, i ain’t give that hoe no check,
70-thousand round my neck, thats another check,
pull up at the dealer, let em thumb thru the check,
thumb thru the check, for next for next for next,
thumb thru it, blow it, jooked that sh-t right back