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lirik lagu roc marciano – select few


[the legendary prodigy of mobb deep]
i’ma let ya n-ggas know something, man
you know what i mean?
got a lot of f-cking garbage -ss rapper out there
running around like [pause]
these n-ggas ain’t supposed to be rappers
you know what i mean?
this game is meant for a select few, man
everybody is not for everybody, man
just don’t think you could just start rapping and sh-t, man
stop it, man
i’m tired, tired of it, man, i’m tired
you know what i mean?
it’s time to just let it out
lot of corny -ss n-ggas, man, lot of corny rappers, man
i’m just like, yo man
i can name or listen to a hundred corny -ss rappers, yo
right now, mad n-ggas from new york
you know what i mean
new jersey, you know what i mean, cali
they’re all over the place, man
these corny -ss n-ggas, man
you know what i’m saying?
we from that era, man, where, yo man, it’s a select few, man
you know what i’m saying?
it’s a select few
and that’s what it is today, man
i don’t give a f-ck ain’t nothing changed, man
always remember that
ain’t nothing changed, n-gga
you know what i’m saying?
you see we are still here doing it, ain’t nothing changed
you know what i’m saying?
so, f-ck all these n-ggas, man