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lirik lagu roach gigz – fun love


fun love

(koo…sh-t..let me let it out one time, this beat go hard, r geezy)

[verse 1:]
at first it was nothing b-tta f-cken fl-ng-, sh-t i woulda let this girl f-ck the team, sh-t i woulda let this girl suck the team, things changed now shes seen as a f-cken queen; it was a dream how i met hear on broadway, with my compadre sippin on some andre, she was a lil darling that said lil darlis, she got off worked looked a lil starving, i introduce myself she said “i noe who you are i’m not r-t-rded”, “well do you need a ride” she said “i’m good” i said “nice get dangerous but i’m not talking bout shooks” she laughed looked at her fone & said “come home?” we gonee, from then on i knew it was gravy, i knew that this condom will be filling with babies, i knew that my patnas would be beggin to hit it, & gettin all mad if this b-tch wasn’t with it, a few minutes with her i knew that she wasn’t, she was one in a dozen i was beggining to love it, we was talking & laughing not talking for action, just talking to talk & i ain’t done that in a while, she was making me smile i was making her smile, nd i ain’t smiled in a while either, wata f-cken evening this is gettin deeper i was blessed to meet her

(yeaa..yea..& she stayed on mind, nd she stayed on my mindd!!)

[verse 2:]
a couple days later she text my fone, about how she liked me i wet the throne, i text right back dont get me wrong, but usually its one night with me, usually i wouldn’t even text back thats how i knew she had me on some cat, sh-t eating catnip out her fat t-ts, i’m lookin in the mirror what happend to that pimp?, she was on her way she gone be here in an hour, i took an extra shower , this must be love cause before i wouldn’t give a f-ck, d-mn whats happening man i really cant let this happen again, i remember back when i fell in love with a girl who marked my heart like grafitti on a mural, i promised myself id be honest with myself & understand, that all these women got other plans or another man, when she came to the door i forgot about that wh-r-, forgot about the promises, i took off her garments threw her on the couch, feel like [?] came out, what is this about, i don’t even kiss and i gave her mouth to mouth, i shoulda been stricter now i’m f-cken a stripper

(& thats all bad man, i feel like t-pain in this m-th-f-cka man)

[verse 3:]
man she had the pretiest hands & toes, i shoulda learned from amber rose, now i’m feeling like kanye west, let me bring it back tell you bout this mess, i thought it was all sweet, but this chick was a dope chase, this freak brought me back to my old days, yeah she cheated with a rapper not only did she cheat, the rapper was weak, uh oh sh-thead b-tch i shoulda p-ssed on yaa, that first night i shoulda dissed on yaa, thats what happens when you follow your b-n-r, when you go to war and the big head loses, your heart gets bruises, why did i chose this, i was so foolish i was so stupid took her to prove it, now times lost & i cant recoup it, now i’m back to my maccin, when fun turned to love thats what happened, these girls attractive & i got a p-ssion for smashin, but from here on out its only crackin, but one night when sunlight comes were done, its over this is the tale of a too much liquor & a stripper bad mixture (haha roach gigz baby, shout out to my strippers thoe i love ya)