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lirik lagu rjldiablo – amazon prime


whoop, whoop
whoop, whoop
whoop, whoop

yeah, a young motherf~cker can’t relax (no)
i gotta make them racks, b~tch, i gotta take a bag home
young m~~f~ can’t sleep, oh, i think it’s jet~lag
he sent me a rap, and i’m not impressed, d~mn
just flipped the switch on a b~tch (what? what?)
she got too obsessed with this ice on my wrist (swish, swish)
i go lit, lit (yeah), young f~ckin’ misfit
man, you could never live this
so lavish (so lavish), cross on my head, 21 savage (savage)
yeah, yeah
i know someone who could repeat what you said
to her in the bed (mm, mm), but don’t worry, f~ck the feds
another motherf~cker dead, and i don’t care what you said
’cause still you wish you dead, motherf~cker, you be red
like your motherf~ckin’ head, when we’re done, there’s no more lead
’cause i waste ’em on your legs, motherf~cker needs a chair
and i got your wife bare, and i’m bright like lights there
(woah) woah, woah
she said she wan’ share her ass, i said, “baby, get a life”
she wan’ get it like the past, i said, “stop actin’ at night”
she addicted to the fashion, i said, “ian dior isn’t christ”
then we turn off all the lights
and my ak flashing lights, i got ladies of the night
and they make babies in the night (woah, woah)
do a pull~up on the po~po, yeah, we drivin’ ’round in soho
woah, ho, you need to calm down
before we pull out a .9 and grab the f~ckin’ shotgun
yeah, yeah, yeah
my entire life be solo, i don’t need your help, mane
it’s under control, ayy
yeah, woah (woah)
yeah, when i roll up with the mac (skrrt)
you know i print rounds like a fax
i got this year in the bag (yeah)
got my nan cookin’ some f~gs
your b~tch scoobie, ’cause i sh~g
got these b~tches coming to me like it’s amazon prime
don’t come with a diss ’cause you know i’m at my prime
pull up wit’ a ’47, i come with a .9
not like anyone can stop me, i’m a god, i shine (yeah)
this be six seconds ‘fore you die, record this sh~t, upload to vine
smile on my face when i shef you up, ’cause you finally dyin’
time to ship out your belongings on amazon prime (yeah)

got these b~tches shippin’ to me like what? what? what?
ayy, ayy