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lirik lagu rittz – wishin’



[verse 1: rittz]
i wish that i could write
i wish i didn’t drink
have to do drugs just to concentrate and think
i wish that i could sleep, never got a wink
gotta work a double n’ when i finish i’mma stink
and my feet keep throbbin
i wish that i could rest
wish i woulda finished school i never shoulda quit
wish i didn’t blame it on my parents
just the appearance of my father is traumatizing wish you never woulda left
that excuse is getting old
so is doing drugs
reefer got me paranoid, so is doing b-mps
but i still got a dollar bill to my noise snorting clear of a mirror
man i wish i had a gun
but once again i bluff cause i really wanna live
i just wanna hug and care for my girl cause she left
and my bed feels empty when i’m in it
and i’m in it cause i don’t wanna wonder where she is
more than a couple of my friends done drifted
far from each other homie i just wish that
we could travel back in time and just re-live it;
for a minute when it would become so distant
its been sunny outside and i’m high and wishin it’d rain
when i’m visitn memory lane and i’m wishin this whiskey will whisk me away in the daylight

wishin while i’m walkin on this lonley road
and i’m wishin you were by my side

[verse 2: rittz]
miss you when i’m gone, gotta hit the road
i be gettin throwed every city is a blur
i get it on the stage, takin pictures with these girls afterwards
but i really just be wishin it was her
and i wish she’d believe me
wish i didn’t read these, negative comments that everybody wanna leave me
underneath the songs that i put up on the internet
i’m finna let bother me, a part of me just wishes they’d leave me alone
my journey wasn’t easy to get here, i wish they could see how far i came
i wish i had a street team, cheese for some t-shirts and cd’s
i barley got a dollar to my name
people thinkin that i’m on
my inbox fillin up with feature and i wish i could respond
my phone keep ringin, friends sayin that i’m changin
i finally get a minute to myself all alone i be drunk
my alarm goin off in the mornin, i be snortin all night
i wish i could hit snooze
got a song i’m about to leak, wish that i was enthused
but apparently i gotta diss dudes to get views
sick of sittin on the back burner with a lit fuse
they sayin it ain’t my turn yet
i’m sick of these music industry motherf-ckers bullsh-tin
when the truth is that there ain’t no rapper f-ckin with me
feelin like i’m gettin used
thats another excuse
i wish that i was them
i wish i had a tour bus
the car that i be in
ain’t got no air condition and i’m wishin there was wind
i can’t afford a shirt i gotta wear this one again
man i wish someone would send a box of some free sh-t
i’m wishin i had a bigger buzz
i’ve been tryin so hard to make it happen with the rap
but for now i make it happen with the drugs
now what

wishin while i’m walkin on this lonely road
and i’m wishin you were by my side

wishin [x3]