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lirik lagu rio sound – timbuktu


pull up they run
i’ma shoot
that’s what they ain’t really wanna do

they ain’t tryna see me wit these hands
they don’t wanna see me in the booth
wanna go big on big
n~gga lose all that bread
what it do this here common sense
please don’t get hit in the head
they keep losing a screw
i’m tryna get it like scrooge mcduck
and count it in timbuktu
so they cant see what i do
under a rock like a scoop
preparing to hit em in loops
but they don’t see the signs
tryna get a m
over night
like shyamalan
i’m up but can’t recline
i get that hustle from moms
you stealing money from moms
just to go give to yo b~tch
that’s why me and you not friendly
i can’t go back to being empty
i get respect from city
cause i hit the track like a simi
she gave me neck like a simi
that’s when i was pushin the camry
wishing that sh~t was a bentley

i never gave up on you n~ggas
like you did on me
i just fell back but
i didn’t go to sleep
now when i pull up its not cheap
these clothes that i’m wearing
not cheap
the girl that i’m wit is not cheap

i hit the block with them dance moves
n~ggas thought i was chris brown
i noticed who folded when them
lights hit and they told us to get down
the b~tch came out
when you put em
in a real situation
i never got why them n~ggas
went trump when i f~cked
with them asians
eyes seen the plan
they was bringing bag after bag
like the money wasn’t sleeping
they mixed that off white
with da hermes like them mother
f~ckas dating
they put that gold around my body
had me thinking i was a sayian
f~ck what n~ggas be saying
get this money was the plan