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lirik lagu riff raff – ernest givens


if i pop up, make sure the doors is locked up
cause somebody’s in your bed, then somebody’s getting chopped up
police get stopped up, in the air they smell the deceased
in the morning, i’m breaking the lease, i’m brushing my t~~th, and burning the sheets

i’m d~mn near in the streets, the streets of heart, that is
they like “d~mn, who that is?” while doing a documentary on cribs
it’s that boy riff making key moves, so don’t get an attitude if i don’t come through
some choose to lose, others get abused, but don’t get it confused cause i’m breaking all the rules

maybe the ones that’s golden, pockets still swollen
i done tripped out and did a song with kelly rowland
or tito jackson, or eric clapton, i done three~wheeled and did a commercial with bo jackson
verbal ass~sacking, that’s what i accomplish, i done poured codeine on my cheese and steak omelette