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lirik lagu rey morado – wya


ducked off
pack sticky in my blood dog
all my rello color duck sauce h~ll naw
f~ck a image ain’t gone plaster one to sell yall
if i die do a tell all, dat n~gga there was
ducked off
she like wat wrong
admittedly im in my head much
got pennies off my talents can’t complain the bread clutch
got me sweatin feel da pressure would lighten a lead truck
these n~ggas havin they egos, bigger they head bust
dust to dust
million hands one pot this a cl~sterf~ck
traveled the sands seen some sink
quick or ovеrtime, pierce my hеart like a tongue ring, never dampen the mind
i been ducked off
been rockin feathers come in clutch now
lord forbid if i fall to earth
they took everything we had and they called it dirt
it never mattered i been cookin i want all work
i been ducked off

hand in hand mary jane and lady
n~gga i been ducked off
paranoid i think err n~gga shady
n~gga i been ducked off
f~ck a handout can’t n0body save me
n~gga i been ducked off
n~gga i been
backtrack to much
back drop chewed up
aiming for success
bloodthirsty way i shoot ha
burn down buddha, die , or keep it movin
imma choose neither
one, two, three