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lirik lagu retch – daily serving


uh, yo

i don’t know who got shot, who did it, or why they did it to him
n-gg- got knocked, peoples never paid attention to him
still does a lot, thank a lot for what was given to him
can’t understand all the sh-t that i be pitching to him
ask, “would you k!ll the whole world just to save yourself?
or would you trade your last friend for an amazing blow?”
that’s food for thought and this a daily serving
i really had it, i was really serving
1212 skinny how i made my earnings
dope stand, had these n-gg-s driving in from pa
i’m back up on my bully, middle finger to the da
biggest ever county indictment, i was so delighted
first thing i thought about was the opps, they’ll be so excited
how you gon’ watch the ball on a public platform?
i make sure i grab my nuts before i clap the blackboard
i’m in the maybach, they open up the back doors
i’ll charge you double like that drive-thru burger that you asked for
they left your jaw, but this the last straw
you handed me your two weeks then want comment on my gram, take two seats
produced like i do beats, get real ’cause the prices of my two feet
red bottoms like i walked across a murder scene
nearly 1200, when my grandma had a word with me
she like, “son, you really starting to worry me
why you running through that money so urgently?”
ayo, granny, man, them peoples tried to bury me
so i’ma turn it up to the third degree
fourth quarter, i’m like bron, dunking on your favorite
real familiar with the insides of that b-tch, keep it sacred, uh
f-ck foul, lil b-tch, i’m flagrant
i’m in the wraith with the constellations, only money conversations
from starving weight who i started with
to pulling up in them foreigns, jumping out with some r-t-rded sh-t
sh-t, i’m just tryna raid the bar with this
out my age group, i don’t give a f-ck, i got the hardest sh-t
you feel different, n-gg-, talk your sh-t
i’m in the studio, i’m loading clips, rolling up some potent sh-t
like, n-gg-, f-ck outta here
076 or blow seven d-cks, lil b-tch