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lirik lagu resist the thought – sermon of the damned


welcome to the sermon of the d-mned
we bear false witness to the powers at hand
where the vicar spews heresy like venom
its all an illusion- there’s no ascent into heaven

we’ll lead you in circles
like lamb to the slaughter
molesting your mind with lies
a ruthless ruler
a tyrant of time
who will bring down his wrath
upon all of mankind

the consequence of neglecting our words
neglecting our lies
speaking in tongues
we preach blasphemy
conform or face eternal suffering

inject them with lies
fill them with fear
liberty is not welcome here

the time has come
to abolish free will
corrupting your mind
with the power to instil repugnance

we have the
i have the
we have the
worst intentions

religion can never reform mankind
because religion is slavery