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lirik lagu renfield – helpless


millions of years ago, i created life
evolution’s my invention, i worked so hard on it
my children they brought misery, they misunderstood
my small hints, they vanished in self~destruction
they wasted my creation, adoring the none
death and destruction they brought upon themselves

my children tried to become gods to forge destination
and in no time they got so fatally close to extinction

when they took creation out of my hands
responsability was all they left for mе
what are they doing, it’s the highеst time to realize
their prayers reach my ears, won’t help them anymore
my apocalyptic dreams become so real
close up to their own doom, i feel ashamed
my children…

i tried to create, but my children never learned

choking on life’s misery
i feel it’s too much for me
racing through a blinding haze
d~mn, i wanna leave this place
losing all my strenght to fate
i know it is much too late
i’m crying out in agony
growing to dark symphony

so now i see they abuse my faith
a lonesome god, where do i go?
blowing them all away takes just one deep breath
everyone under the sun should be a happy one
but as long as there is man on earth
my ideal world, it gets wrecked



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