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lirik lagu regina gore – #wealllovelildubois


[lil du bois]

you know i really like april
in theory
i feel like april is really one of those months that everybody likes in theory
but no one really wants to hang out with
i guess it’s my favorite month
i relate to it a lot

give me a minute
i’m after them
show me a limit
i’m chasing them
living like i haven’t been
so long frozen
in the throws
still land a hit
predisposed to passionate
ain’t packing sh~t
carry on for those i am no longer with
pros, the cons probably win
prose started sinking in
prose never fitting in
just let that sit
nеw lord
new foreign feel
love galorе
need, need anything but fashion sense
still covered in bandages
wrapped up
he scandalous
rumors fly
they ran with it
on the floor with patterns and…
memories fade in scattered wind
too late
tables turning in