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lirik lagu redbird rip – we train different


(verse 1 hillside threat)

as i breeze thru triple d whats happening
me and the squad lexos concrete jungle sh~t
sp~ceship flying weaving thru the traffic pimp
them brembos fast bro thats catch and grip
pipe down girl watch yourself over there with your main dude
imma sn~tch your chick real quick thats blues clues
coming up mi aye bro sorry you done lost her fool
im a 78 baby with the curly hair ravashing rick rude
getting fetty getting chips getting guap thats all i do
putting lames on the side lines all yall are sketchy dude
here winning cutty charlie sheen sh~t we ain’t here to lose
got a team full of titans ready to eat and drink some brews
now sit down take it in just for a little bit
thats golden circle, teajae jking dolo and me and rip
thats dynamite c4 landmines blowing up too quick
we john wick’n emcees to the throat with plenty chopsticks
we out

(verse 2 redbird rip)

four finger ring bust thru the brick
praying pose break your nose on the sl!ck
poke holes in your fit
expose rose gold in the kit
froze pose catch em slipping cause its sl!ck
(verse 3 danni dolomyte)

you drop the blunt i smoke it up i can last forever
you hit the spliff you coughing hard like its the winter
cause im too cold im on two wheels never double dribble
but i carry mary jane back and forth until the plug has zero
when he reup i bought it out get high like pharaohs
black king with a lot of gold and i keep that draco
never a follower n~gga
i wear my own sh~t n~gga
15 on my shirt
f~ck a 12 n~gga
jackie chan with the wrist game
bruce lee with the foot work
hater always break they neck to hate
yeah them combos hurt
skip church on a sunday just to ball on a monday
throw my temptress in the way cause she p~ssy poppin on a tuesday

(verse 4 redbird rip)

we train different
hand to hands and extensions its efficient when you learn the dimensions of your kitchen
the pot you cook in determines whether you have pot to p~ss in
continue mission at night become ninja
break up their system