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lirik lagu rav – sociesuicide


[verse 1: rav]
(r-a-v uh!)
whack motherf-ckers [?] hoping that i left
i formed exo, got involved and i [?] myself
“only 5 motherf-ckers?” yea we dope as h-ll, huh?
a bunch of broken [?], broken cells, smoke ’em well
homie you don’t like us? you can smoke yourselves
focus, the person to your right makes bogus claims always
the person to your left is hopelessly slow [?]
and your parents are both twins. apparently, this planet’s
programming is broke, man, and it won’t fix
so abandon all your plans and your hopes, kids
and take a chance in expanding your dumb ol’ selves
but hey, this city’s got your life, don’t it?
you don’t need the key to the city to break the lives open
so stop coping, start living and stop [?]
start screaming ’till your f-cking voicebox is broken
i’m not joking. do what you need to do
they might never grant you to the key to the city, dude
to claim to be prisoned by the system isn’t true
because, in the end, you’re the only one that holds the key to you. and the dream of a life is what you’ve been sleeping through
you could always cease the day or simply proceed to drool
you may ask “why take advice from a young conceited fool?”
imma answer. you don’t have to. after all, i’m just a rapper
you spend your time within these tall walls
you claim that they’re trapping you inside
but you’re scared to climb up out of these walls
and it’s crazy that you’ve never even tried

[hook: rav & bill]
(socie suicide) don’t believe in the rumors
you hold the very key to your future
(socie suicide) and no reason is stupid
(socie suicide)