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lirik lagu rage nucleaire – the gallows and the black coffin


suspendatur per collum
turn death’s darkest shades:
all the colours of asphyxia;
thou art hanged, but thy seed is quick

0 gallowsborn, unsoiled by light,
[2x] bring the plague;
bring corpselights from the carc-sscape,
[2x] bring the plague;
up from plague pits yawning wide,
upon which a crossmoon shines,
bring them that grim death designs,
whose s-x appeal can’t be denied

the twisted dead that have stained the soil
[2x] bring the plague;
bring the grave to all who have eyes to see,
[2x] bring the plague;
worms come after hands like spiders
[2x] that bring the plague
to this place of putrescences,
[2x] bring the plague

as the gadarene swine leapt for thee,
let their offspring roam the streets,
while mother proctor trades in seats
with a better view of the triple tree
of ty burn

bring black coffins filled with rats,
bring the plague;
from the gallows, through the corpse-gate
bring the plague;
bring shadows to these ancient walls,
bring the plague;
let nothing stop thee, let no one stop thee,
bring the plague

for behind smiles to despise
lurks a traded in the eyes

this is blasphemy made flesh,
with eyes as warm as a deathbed f-ck