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lirik lagu rafael casal – no regrets


know it’s my job
to speak about it be about it
if the sh-t that i be seeing isn’t right god
i know the minute you get into equality and [?] conversation
they might come and turn your mic off
but they don’t [?] we do parties in the city
with the motherf-cking lights off
cause you don’t know that you could never ever, never ever
never ever ever turn my shine off
don’t think you know what’s at stake
don’t think you get what it means when a person is [?]
it’s off of your plate
[?] realize all of this fake
selling the poor on the sh-t of the richest
how rich keep the poor in the poorest of states
f-ck that i reject that
hold the middle finger up another meter
telegram it to my people from the speaker
knew if i could find my vision i’m a leader

only white boy at the neighborhood gathering
never any question whether black live matter then
but that’s inside the hood rafa don’t forget
sh-t is different now– you’ll be so upset
cops are killing your partners you nervous yet?
partners killing your partners you hurting yet?
might not get popular if you interject
i’ma say what i gotta say though, no regrets

yas no regrets
yas, no regrets
yas, no regrets
yas, no regrets hoe

sometimes it just be like that
sh-t is bad but can’t afford to see it like that
i mean like, we done made it this far you know?
motorcycles and cars you hoes

[?] material
what does it matter no, what does it measure?
we get little pleasures to release the pressure
to keep us defeatist but i am a g-nius
and i see this heathenous system
picking on the [?] ones in tough positions
trying to make a living barely got a pot to p-ss in
catch ‘em slipping dragged ‘em in the system
slamming them in prison

wake up in the morning [?] the marijuana gonna roll up
and the soda get to flowing
and the robitussin pouring in [?]
and then i’m zoning with my homies as i’m rolling into oakland
coping mechanism yeah we picking up a couple women
hoping that i win them over
i just want attention need it for my spirit
spending every second that i’m living as if it could end at any minute

yas no regrets
yas, no regrets
yas, no regrets
yas, no regrets hoe