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lirik lagu q – burn slow


well, here we go again..
what if we let it burn slow…?

[verse 1: q]
already higher than any song could take you..
head in the clouds every time that i wake you and take you to that place..
you’re my favourite tune, in my mind, i still see your pretty face… wait- wait-/
here we go again, missing the point
here i go again hitting a joint
hoping to feel right enough to find heaven
cos we haven’t been there in a minute..
(here we go again)/
here we go again, thinking we’re done
those late nights, we’d play fight
looking like we’re looking for trouble
now you’re acting like you’re on the run
i’m still acting like you’re the one, you see
we said this n we said that
i know we said we’d fill in like baby, whats this gap
keeps digging at my chest, it won’t make my heart react
rather have you scratching at my back with your back arched/
now thats more us…
burning in the background of a perfect love scene, letting love..
sometimes.. sometimes i just miss the way we used to…

where do we go from here…?
where do we go..?
(beautiful eyes, beautiful lies)
is it real or chance, something i think you know

[verse 2: q]
call me loving cos u showed up
late nights with the bottles, the neighbours know its us
cos when we roll up, show out, blow and so on/
yo should i say your name on every song?
you know even when u suck, i’d be your bong
and so on,if i could rewrite your life, i’d write you a happy song, i swear i’d rewrite it all/
but you say you don’t like my song, b-tch
i’m potty mouthed is all
and you keep moving, its why i keep calling
is all i’m saying every time that i fall
we don’t need to loose love over what coulda been
let it burn, what closure is
maybe its something that we’d never learn
writing the right flows in spite of this blinding light, light of life, burn slow…
don’t burn me out…
when we burn this house down
with all our memories in it
no, you don’t need that night gown
skin to skin with the lights down/
now, that’s more us
it’s where we go cos we’re not done..
are you gonna bang, but you’re not gun
still you know you wanna come but


“pray we burn slow..
i been on my way home
watching out for your smokes…
your beautiful eyes, beautiful lies..
but then i let it all go..
lit one, and just let it burn slow..”