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lirik lagu puncture wound – perverse sodomy infatuation


i never know when to stop, where to draw the line
how different it is every time, what my sl~ts hold inside
as i push a little harder, surely it will go this time
the sounds may be a crack or a pop, there is no end to find

how i long to split you apart, looking past your dark
surgical implements i’ll leave inside, coroner shall remark
face white and black, your makeup runs, in tears, as i start
so perverse and unnecessary, still to me, this is art

mixing up the fluid, in which satan delights
with merely the sight, you faint with fright
colours become one, blacker than the night
white, brown and red, i’ll feed you with spite

so wet, so deep, the further i shall go
is it front? is it back? no one will ever know
for where i have been, their lays no definition
when 2 become 1, fed sh~t, blood, and cum

surely not much further, i’m in your stomach now
your body, soon no more, it shall allow
you will meet your death, in a way so foul
with perverse sodomy infatuation, i am aroused