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lirik lagu puncture wound – necroinsemination


i have fallen, to a pit of decay
devoid of light, cannot find my way
covered in blood, from every cavity
desecrated life, defiled by me!

disappointed, in the speed of the k!ll
had no time, to feel fulfilled
to d~mn quickly, the blood did spill
need another fix, with cum to instill

find a dead corpse, to defile and molest
shove it inside, death takes care of the rest
feel myself spill, within the maggot filled hole
creating life, fully devoid of soul

growing inside, a little dead b~st~rd
now is the time, for the remains to be wasted
cut open the belly, fetus vile and smelly

severed umbilical
unrecognisable genital

a crime most heinous….. necroinsemination! x 2

it rolls around, in a fit of pain
everyone knows, it won’t be sane
what is this, have i created life?
certainly not, when i’m done with my knife!
convulsive spasm
what was there is gone
could never survive
in this world too long

repulsive father
and a maggot corpse mother
life fades from tiny devoid eyes


necroinseminate, necroinseminate