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lirik lagu puncture wound – murderquette


and now, i come, emerging from the night
i hold, on tight, to the knife i keep by side
i lunge, and stab, i’m ripping out your heart
and you’ll, succumb, unto my murderquette

murder….. my codes of etiquette

i push, you down, and hold you by the throat
i take, my knife, and measure put the cuts
it is, so sharp, does all the work for me
the blood, now pours from the incisions i have left

murder….. my codes of etiquette

rip out heart!…. and shove in ~rs~!

murder….. my codes of etiquettе

and now, remove, the pеrfect square of flesh
and there, it is, still beating in your chest
i cut, and sever, u till it slides right out
you’ll feel, it beat, in your colon before death

murder….. my codes of etiquette

rip out heart!
shove in ~rs~!
welcome to the club