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lirik lagu primo$ux – {$ober/naidyl}


(my dad said he’s not responsible for primo)

clueless as sh-t, b-tch you breaking my heart
i should have known that sh-t from the whole start

getting so faded that you can’t even think
but you still letting him fill up yo drink

you are the one cause you know that i’m choosy
but the sh-t that you be doing unruly (yea)

take a second slow down cause you going to fast now
thought those other guys in your life is in the past now

cause if they is
you know you can trust me

and i know i trust you, baby

2nd verse:
drowning myself in that synthetic cure
you hurt me again so come hurt me more

_____ in me keep the smile on straight
bring it here shawty want to know how it taste

get this sh-t right through your head
don’t want to die with regrets (ooh)

that mean primo got the f-cking wisdom to k!ll the p-ssy like og used to did with y’all bread

2nd hook:
bring that to me so i can show you what to do
i don’t know all the sh-t you’ve been through

i know, i know i could treat you right
i could treat you right every night (yea)