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lirik lagu precise conner – “the awakening”


(verse 1: precise conner)
my babygirl fine, she’s sweet like mary jane/
and like the wanted, mamacita, yo, i’m glad you came
s-xual innuendo, i play it smooth like nintendo/
when i hit the west coast, i hit the fly 64
never fake the style, i keeps it wild like toledo/
i be the master lyricist, also knows as steelo
black, my raps is phat like a 500-pound man/
and my rhymes florishing, enhancing the micstand
i’ma tough n-gga, you can ask my cabrellos/
meaning my brothers, so think that it’ll be mellow
cuz i’m a nice guy, nice guys can get mean/
my style is wicked, raps is harder than beat machines
straight to the ends of the earths, i make it worse/
for rappers who wanna step to this, well, yes, of course
i rhyme for the havenots, y’all wanna diss the sound/
profilic and profound, starting from the underground

that’s how it is, boy, that’s how it is!/
that’s how it is, boy, that’s how it is!
that’s how it is, boy, that’s how it is!/
the awakening…

(verse 2)
i’m kicking mad rappers to the curb like mexico/
g-ssing you fake n-ggas up like texaco
from start to finish, i’ve been in it, you’re just beginning/
to get on my level, you tremble when i’m ending
your career, i’m waiting for the rest, this year/
precise is ice cold, i’m as smooth as a volvo
you can’t test my flow, i’m like an elevator/
rappers tryna get greasy like a jheri curl activator
my style is prosperous, no way you’re stopping this/
surprising how i breathe from my esophagous
beddy bye time with this knockout rhyme/
y’all wanna step to me, but that’ll be your demise
between your eyes is where i’ll hit ya/
i can’t miss ya, you a fake heavyhitter
words i wrote and displayed on mics, i’m taking/
rhymes to the highest peak, the awakening


(musical break-8 bars, song ends)