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lirik lagu post season – numb to this


i’ve been fighting off confrontation
biting down a tongue that’s built to curse
i’m so sorry for the disappointment
but i could be way worse
and since you told me how you just want me to succeed in life
i’ve been counting every night i didn’t get it right

i’m just hoping next time around
i’ll finally find a way to make you proud
yeah, i know, i should be numb to this by now
and that’s my fault, my fault
i just want to be a better man
but kind words and helping hands won’t bring back all the years i lost by now
and that’s my fault, my fault

yeah, i’ve been a little ostentatious
in defense, i was hoping you’d notice
i’m a joke and i choked
yes, i know this, i know this
ain’t it something how i’d blame you for nothing if you never wanna see me again
i’m just riddled with embarr-ssment, over all the carelessness
nothing to show but some common sense

you’re held back by your fear in fate
so i’ll make my own luck while you kneel to pray
and i’m sure i’ll let you down some along the way
but you claim you have faith, so have some in me