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lirik lagu point of grace – yes, i believe


yes, i believe

when i said that i would follow
it was with an honest heart
but i didn’t fully understand the cost
’cause there are saints throughout the ages
and there are those today
who show us what it really means to carry the cross
that only fuels my devotion
no matter what comes i will say

yes, i believe
i believe with all that is in me
yes, i believe
though the world rises up against me
i will be faithful
to the choice i have made
i am determined
i will not be ashamed
to live so the whole world can see
that yes, i believe

there will never be a reason
to lose this confidence
for i have found where my -ssurance lies
it is not in my own power
but in who my savior is
and the truth of this conviction
makes me shout to the sky

[repeat chorus]

yes, i believe he is risen
yes, i believe we are forgiven
yes, i believe and one day we’ll see him
and together we’ll say

[repeat chorus]