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lirik lagu pigpen (rapper) – kekeke (the ballad of seung-hui cho)


you dont wanna f~ck with me me me
i hit you up with the ke ke ke
you dont wanna f~ck with me me me
ke ke ke b~tch ke ke ke

yo let me tell you bout this sl~t
emily, she likes to take it in the b~tt
her boyfriend drops her off and guess what
he just so happens to be a gun nut
so i come up to her after she’s dropped off
point the twenty~two and watch that sh~t pop off
another guy saw me, he gets shot too
now i gotta get out here before the cops do
i get back and record some final thoughts
reload up the walther and glock
bring the amunition and chain and lock
drop my package off at the mailbox
the cops are busy according to plan
i walk to class with my tools in hand
lock thе door and stock the band
now let me show you how to sing this jam…
i wish it was a sunday but its a monday
still im bеttin its a fun day
cuz im loadin up my gunay
at school ready for some gunplay
and im not checkin out the monay
nor lookin around checkin out the honays
im lookin for those fools that think its funnay
to talk sh~t about me in some way
yo you must think im dumb eh?
when youre not even smart enough to run away
i point cl!ck and let the gun say
what for the longest time i was gon’ say
in the recoil i bathe in bloodspray
the halls rabble rabble like a countray
but before they can see a done day
ima send em on a trip, one way..cuz
so, here we go
it’s seung~hui cho
k!llin all the trust fund deceitful charlatans
and yo, now you know
it’s seung~hui cho
spilling the blood of a million dollar kids
week back i phoned in a bomb threat
you didn’t take the warning
but now you see that im the bomb yet…
you still have trouble alarming
so i take out my twenty~two and nine
rich kids its pay your dues time
in groups of ten they form two lines
i capped them all, ready for new pines
and i dont do time cuz i dont do crime
i do acts of god insurance won’t cover
this is for how you f~cked my sisters and brothers
this is for how you left me in the gutter
and when the smoke clears it’s dead air
till i hear the shotgun blare
i compose myself with my temple bare
let shot and drop down stairs