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lirik lagu piah mater – earthbound ruins


it is mine
the earth and the skies
and all living things in between

share my blood

in the vast wild beyond
nothing transcends the equivalence of nature’s will

it is neither by the course of the herd
nor by the light of a dead god
i tread my path

yet tonight, the mountains have cried
the current of every river
leads to me

here is my ambition
here is my escape
a haven to all who strayed

derision is my words
for all that is dying
as seasons p-ss them by

standing there for too long
absorbing the essence of the moon and sun…

that was me
barefoot on searing embers
reeking of sweat
hauling the stones uphill
helplessly fettered to a swollen shadow
a blow of lethargic splendor

those wounds will never mend
or barely resemble the former serenity of these placid eyes
and as specks of dust filled up my lungs
i reminisced on days of spring
the solitude of hours crashing at those who wait while pain lingers
invite me to one last dance by the edge of my soul’s cliff

and there lied my convictions
there lied my defenses
home to my fallen pretenses

befoulment of virtue
caught in the twilight of defeat

no remnants of a past where kings strode the earth
no treasured moments stand aloft
no sacred songs were hummed, no candles lit
the shrine i’ve risen here feeds off the lore of the free

safe in the light
a rest by the shoals of memory
gone with the tide
waiting a moment of truce

flags in the pyre
leave it to the fallen ones to lead
we greet springtime
and lay bare our minds in the sun

and there we unwind
while planets align
rejoicing our amnesty
oh, our amnesty…
and it occurs to me that i’m the only one with a name to forget

safe in the light gone pale in the morning i lost you…

and silence followed then
as cold as the nightfall
bringing forth a solemn farewell sealed with doubt
a point of no return stretched out over years
the shrine i’ve sought in ruins resides in the heart of the free