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lirik lagu penny the goat – ellie woods


when the world no longer seems to exist. there is only the darkness of violence and pain
constant fear that even love can’t conquer
there is no escape from the tremors
sometimes, it feels hopeless… you may have your differences, but in the end, only time could give you the answers you need
tomorrow is just another day of survival

verse 1:
all she had known were the several foster homes she would move in/
until she ranaway at 16/
but on the streets/
nothing was sweet
she got offered a place to sleep, but she understood that nothing was free/
so she got a boyfriend to protect her/
but he used her for s-x and dwelled in self-pleasure/
the income came from the unprotected s-x that she was forced to engage in with other men that meet her/
often given drugs to seduce her for more bread/
how could she rebel with guns to her forehead/
always got threaten by the man that she loved/
same man that would beat her till her face came with blood/
forced in prostotution as a minor/
her brain was rewired but no heart found inside her/
raped and on drugs as the weeks went/
until the shadowman took her to his place for the weekend/

verse 2:
they got to his house around 4/
and you could see the guns hanging from out the front door/
they stepped inside and as he lead her to the bedroom/
she was slipped pills on the ride, and now her heads doomed/
he said he was aggressive/
that he was gonna have his way whether or not she’d let him/
guns surrounded her/
and you could tell that the room was secured, if she screamed then no sound occurred/
he grabbed her gently by the throat/
and did so, while she showed every sign of no/
and the rape turned violent/
the worlds silence stood by her fear of wondering if she would die tonight/
he was not the kind of guy she liked/
to escape, she thought back of when the sky was bright/
and it somewhat helped her sustain the pain/
like getting thrown to the wall that contained some frames/
bleeding on the sheets, tears made of pure agony/
hoping it was just a dream like it had to be/
asking god why she couldn’t live happily/
like why did this have to happen to me/
tired of her sh-t, he stormed out the room/
and returned with crack with something else behind his back/
said if this is a game, i just won it/
that she broke the rules, so she had to be punished/

verse 3:
and that’s when it happened, to stop it/
she the grabbed the gun, pointed at him and shot it once,/
then twice, three times for the pain/
and one more for the child in her brain/
police arrived and concluded one thing/
murder in the first degree, no excuse to leave/
the jury said she was guilty with the decision to let her rot in prison/