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lirik lagu pan amsterdam – retail


[verse 1]
hamilton ass stays claritin aspirin up, runnin’ away from truths, jumpin’ on stages breakin’ legs like john wilkes booth
courageous in the head she’s herman ruth, without the vermouth, no martini
but battin’ em out the ballpark, so she see me askin’ her out at walmart cold sashimi
more toiletries than an aardvark, gettin’ clean’s the hard part, me and my shoppin’ cart?

[verse 2]
this is the last fix i’m givin’ you tricks, and you’re tellin’ me to get smart?
i make this store billions and amazon trillions, they be my new pavilion for housin’ reptilian civilians
spend over a million in a lifetime and don’t feel like a millionaire at nighttime not a crimе, i think it’s fair, dirty draws, only fans, and dancin’ bear
thinkin your way too square to be thеre you’ll be there on the square, totally unaware
swiss fondue in ya hair with a logo sayin “n0body cares” (go.ho)

[verse 3]
ass smells like gruyere’s with a mixture of sweet pears
take a picture let’s see if she shares, without silverware
nuts fly in the air
flyin’ squirrels be these girls like the jacksons i’ll be there
(look over your shoulders honey)

birds of a feather
think you gettin away but i got you on free range, so that the meat tastes better
all that cheddar

[trumpet instrumental break]
[verse 4]
she swallows kids in a clinic on they meds pushed through the senate, the walking dead
grown folks talkin go to bed, rejoice
now here go my invoice
giving you the track without stems
you can’t mix and master lab rats workout in gyms
you midget rat b~st~rd you keep comin up short
even your homeroom teacher’s giving me bad reports
stay snitchin actin like you a magician cause you made your first bones, hocus pocus
the only reason why you won is because you played bogus (and you know this)

[trumpet instrumental outro]

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