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lirik lagu ​richard. (rapper) – … or not to [b]e


[verse 1]
this sounds like one of my dreams when
everything is flowing so seamlessly
just a little ole soul with a team of three
many paths that range from a to z

don’t delete your save
i found a glitch in the system
we don’t know how much we care
’til we miss’ em

writing like grisham
likened to lightning
love is the answer
it’s simple as streisand

black box in the back drop
if i feel the need then i detonate
glowing while opening seven gates
acquire my core then i resonate

take a slice from the sword
it’ll set you straight
sometimes the pain’s a necessity
learned it from mescudi
when i was younger they messed with me
earned my respect
then they didn’t think less of me

recklessly catching these melodies
i do not have to follow a tempo
feeling my wrath in a match of kendo
look at my mask latched on like jinzo

what is this?
how can we coexist?
try to correct what i know is fixed
came in attacking with no defense
i don’t show resentment
just close the fence

when my back is against the wall
i suppose i will crawl
perks of being small
chiisai, still living knee high
we do not multiply or divide

young levi with the temper
g.i. snake eyes
rolling with timber
crash it

sometimes there is no rhyme or reason
skydive through the seasons
find time to believe in
someone other than yourself

put your ego on the shelf
when n-body is around
spend a moment on the ground
take a moment to be found

the choice i made
the voice i raise
i need to
reach those rays
delete old days
to see you

look both ways before i cave i find it
took bold plays and a cold gaze to climb it
i’ll handle the climate
no matter the m-ssive degrees
the m-sses need gashes to see

we do not follow the typical flow
when it’s fifty below
we don’t jump to complain

if we feel hollow, we use what we know
it’s no time to move slow
always something to change

triple espada
the worst generation
don’t care to be patient but that is a must

we don’t have much
just some bodies of dust
trust whenever we rust

[verse 2]
back to the topic at hand
i’m the type to put a stop on the plans
dark of night just might ignite in advance
keep my distance like i fight with a lance

i don’t like to be planted
in places that i don’t belong
and i don’t claim to be strong
taking these bones unto places unknown
closing cases while changing
my name and my tone

many faces i’ve seen
but they come and they go
i won’t claim to be clean
i’m as dark as a crow

and my heart needs to brighten up
my thoughts need to lighten up
i’ve been inside a rut
problems keep piling up

i just procrastinate
might pull up weeping
when i meet the magistrate

i don’t deserve anything i’ve received
i believe that i need to retrieve
what i constantly leave

i’ve been vibing with things
that don’t care i fail
speaking of heaven
but staring at well

let’s not get too worked up over this
you should consider
the pain and the hopelessness
that will continue the longer you
choose to be different

when it comes to me
you can even lie and kick it
many don’t worry for your future
i am different
so many times you see
what you can find in me

i don’t want to do this anymore
even more tired than before
sick of feeling like i’m in a nightmare
thought it was a dream
it’s not what it seems

with all of the things that you’ve seen
there’s no going back
you should come home
in fact i’ll be below
that’s a promise i know that i’ll keep
i’m right here in your ear
so you’ll know when i speak
and i show…

either i change or i go with you
get rid of my fangs and devote to truth
or abandon my king
there is no in-between