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lirik lagu our lady peace – mettle


(feat. vocal excerpts from boxer george chuvalo)

how do we agree?
how do we exceed?
places that our lives have taken
sharpened instruments
failed experiments
faces of the occupation

boxing helps. i guess, i think it toughens your mind. i think you push yourself beyond certain limits, past certain limits as a fighter. the worst thing in the world is to be in a fight and to get tired. you don’t want to get tired in a fight.

say that you can show me
you don’t know me
you want to live oh?
say that you can own me
you think you know me but you’re wrong

no matter how much natural ability you have there’s a lot of working at it. you know, you don’t need… muhammad ali was a great fighter but if he didn’t train as hard as he did, he… you’d never hear the name muhammad ali become so [?]. you have to train hard, you have to devote yourself one hundred percent.

you can’t be a success if you don’t have any part of it. like if you don’t have discipline. you need discipline. you need discipline to do things. and the discipline is you do it without things, you know?

no matter if we say we believe this, we believe that, you know… there’s certain things we believe. but just how strongly we believe is a matter, you know… it’s what we want to believe. a force much stronger than us, a power… a power much more powerful, you know? but we still don’t know. no matter how much we think we believe, we still tremor at the thought of dying. you know we shiver [?] almost died, you know? there’s something out there. but just to me it’s like the great unknown. you know? i don’t know.

one of the most important things in life is to have people who care about you, and you care about, you know… love is the magic word, it is, you know? if it wasn’t for love i wouldn’t be here today.