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lirik lagu o’gee (rapper) – no synonyms


it’s o’gee the prophet, jigglin’ syllables
headed for the profit as you kickin’ silly b-lls
what you said is biblical cause i don’t give a f-ck about it
i’m not c-cky, i undoubtedly still outwit
i feed on rhymes, i deplore and curse the outfit
it seems you lack the beef
you’re starvin’ like you come from auschwitz
rhymin’ in the bas-m-nt, with the bros i’m k!llin’ time
the flow i’m not engaged in is deludin’ you like yandhi
do you got it? i’m far beyond your level
the truth is tough, ain’t no regard on this little h-ssle
pr-ck, it’s a get-go, you can’t stand it already
i’m completely glarin’, my inner light is lit
it’s the new addiction happened with the add of diction
and sl!ck ideologies figurin’ the weak folks
leanin’ on these words cause nothing is above us
won’t slump as those unbalanced prayin’ for balenciagas
no tricks, i’m mentally higher
at the top of the pyramids, a lyrical sniper
sweeter than the cinnamon when i’m k!llin’ em
it’s o’gee the prophet, ignorant, ain’t no synonyms (x2)