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lirik lagu octave lissner – schoolboy blues


[verse 1]
mama always said don’t play with fire
poppin’ pills with wine ain’t so much better
daddy’s not around, he’s out on the town
looking for a hooker, a priest or a clown
i wait until the sun comes up
and the moon comes halfway down

[verse 2]
i look down at my feet on my way to school
thinking ’bout the kids who were born to be cool
kinda like this girl but she thinks i’m a fool
might just change her mind if i act real cruel
i wait until the school bell rings
and i’ll do my thing tonight

[verse 3]
i’ve been around for almost twelve years and a half (yeah)
i just don’t think that life’s so hard
spend al my time on all the mystery’s inside you
looking for something i won’t find