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lirik lagu nick jonas – introducing me


“introducing me”

i’m good at wasting time,
i think lyrics need to rhyme,
and you’re not asking,
but i’m trying to grow a mustache.
i eat cheese, but only on pizza, please,
sometimes, on a homemade quesadilla.
otherwise it smells like feet to me.
and i, i really like it when the moon looks like a toe nail.
and i love it when you say my name.

if you wanna know, here it goes.
gonna tell ya there’s a part of me that shows,
if we’re close, gonna let you see everything,
but remember that you asked for it.
i’m trying to do my best to impress,
but it’s easier to let you take a guess, at the rest,
but you wanna hear what lives in my brain, in my heart,
well, you asked for it.
for your perusing,
at times confusing,
slightly amusing…
introducing me!

do do do do do do,
do do do do do do.
la da da da,
la da da da da da da, da.

i never trust a dog to watch my food.
and i like to use the word ‘dude’;
as a noun, or an adverb, or an adjective
and i never really been into cars.
i like really cool guitars and superheroes and checks with lots of zeroes on ‘em.

i love the sound of violins and making someone smile…


well you probably know more then you ever wanted to,
so be careful when you ask next time.


do do do do do do,
do do do do do do.
do do do do…
introducing me!