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lirik lagu ​nettspend – ឵feeliinuu


swear to god i’m feeling you, i want you
but if i ain’t feeling wanted then b~tch i don’t want you
wait like we could still talk though
you started eating off my plate, where the f~ck my sauce go?(yea)
but you know where my swag at
gave that b~tch backshots feeling like a bad kid
back in school yea i was neva lackin (bah fah fah)
chase his ass to the back yaa (fah)
and im rockin all black yaa
me and mari in back, chase him to the back door
and this hoe wanna f~ck me
look inside your eyes, lookin lovely
i been in the back back back feelin~ oh
witch gang sh~t we gon take him out his socks though
i was feelin anxious than a b~tch
locked in ohh, locked in all night we could still f~ck though ahh
we could still f~ck though ohh

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