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lirik lagu naturalist – dwell


i just want to be left alone, i’m tired of caring for everyone but myself. this house is not a home, four walls built to right my wrongs. my head and my heart are divided the same, with everything i could’ve and did not change. i still think about you every day and whether or not you’re doing okay

i’ve heard loneliness and love are the same thing, a chemical imbalance of want and need. an algorithm based on uncertainties i cannot change. the friction that two bodies make are bound by love or bound by fate, a heart only wants what it cannot create

i just want to be left alone, to cope with the fact that i can’t let go. i’m terrified of growing old, the future is something i can’t control

in this world is another not lived where i’ve made peace with all my regrets. i feel like i’m talking in circles again but i just have some things to get off my chest

i just want to be left alone, i’m tired of hurting the ones that i love. yeah, i still care but my mind is made up, i think it would be best to forget about us

the universe is here and it is not here. we are here and we are not here. we are not really in love, there’s no such thing as love. but we are the sum of who we love, not defined by who loves us. it’s just information, it’s just data. we are here. we are not here. etc

what we call love is everything in rotation. life forms illogical patterns, they always come back around. i’ve spent my life praying for answers but my words never made a sound. they never made a sound