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lirik lagu native mindstate – rudy


refrain – #database
sp-ceship groovy
eyes low turnt up
listening to rudy
a couple bad b-tches
watching scooby twisting doobies
its funny how my exs say they wish they never knew me

verse 1 – trw
departures from my budget but order if its italian
and i’ll put a ring on it but only if it’s a stallion
put jungle juice in a chalice, posing for all the pictures
us hipsters take with our cameras
my palette consists of dangerous women
who real combatant
showing up to the party like she don’t know what could happen
distorted display of p-ssion, liquor go by the gallons
and ashes get in the gl-sses
yeah i’m rolling the fattest
of doobies up in the bathroom
we’ll smoke it outside i swear
but we end up smoking in here
its me and db we here
my n-gga crack open beers
tonight – i feel alive in the light of the city’s eyes
down the pike in a tinted ride in a bimmer that’s black and white
loss ’em a cough of oxygen, dominant strain of sour
the doctor is in, in my most comfortable pair of moccasins
it’s the provocative dramatist writing like a columnist
competent with the artifice, artist who’s no apologist
all positive energy, all march to my enemies
bank rolls and hennessy, medical from dispensaries
center stage wit a center piece
weed from south central i smoke to center my inner peace


bridge – #database
yours truly, im sitting on the stoop looking cooly
summertime writing rhymes sitting by the pooly
why everywhere i go
people always asking who me
with the double stuffed oreo j’s looking gooey

verse 2 – #database
stained memories, same materials ident-ty
theft, game with tendencies, left brain, vincinity
check, mics, when i hit the stage
save energy, no
brave sensory soul
spitting like it was c0ke
warm soda was cold, turned to ice when i hit the cap
low & behold this soul brother is dope
same color as toast, the strange cruller was dosed
one bite just might make your feelings evoke
remote ceiling i cloak some old spiritual quote
you know lyrical smoke, with no fillers or yolk
just-fly lyrics i wrote
messiah spirit is close
you couldd hear it if you listen with cha eye i suppose
that’s why i stay on my toes
they say a player gets choose
quick to turn a negative into a positive goal
so when i play with these flows
for all my haters who boast
i’mma say i did it for my n-gga rudy i’m ghost

refrain + bridge