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lirik lagu natedrizzy – my mind is gone


yea, this is what happens when your mind is gone
this is what i do, i f-cking write my song
i just wanna rap, what the f-ck am i doing wrong
i dont care, imma do me like i said before
yah wanna talk sh-t about me, i dont care
cause yah dont know anything about me, i sware
if you still wanna talk, then be my f-cking guest
cause you have no life, and watch me be the best
im not gonna stop doing what i have to do
i do what i want, i do what i wanna do
when i really want it, im not gonna stop
not till i reach the top,top of the throne, im nice
well guess what, im better than you, better than before
my mind is gone, my mind is really gone
i like the new me better than the old one
yah want me to stop, then f-cking here im done

yea im back on the track, yah boy natedrizzy
i rap so fast, i can f-cking make you dizzy
you so wack, i could call you d.j smitty
what happen, you quiet like a f-cking kitty
yea im back and im still gonna rap
dont care what you say, dont care if im wack
its so funny, cause yah talk and yah talk
i dont do anything but yah wanna talk about me
technically your babbling way odee
if yah having fun, then keep doing it
i worry about myself, not you piece of sh-t
do what you do, and do what you want b-tch
im gonna rap and im gonna stunt b-tch
glock 40 on my waist, glock 10 in my hand
kwca im the leader in command
mess with me, you messing with my team
you sound like d.j smitty remix to love cod