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lirik lagu nae sano feat. tag shai – pollen season (feat. tag shai)


tag shai:

nevertheless, i keep flexed
demon seal concealed up on my chest
drink concoctions filled with toxins
anti-toxic mask strapped round my neck
one of the best, i stay flexed
uptown with my squad
with flawless sets of armoured bars
you could catch me in an armoured car
with foreign broads in daylight
like jango fett in the slave right?
squad pull up, feel like sailor moon
coz i feel like i can save lives
read your mind ‘till i play right
take your life i will playwright
af-1 fly like, marty mcfly-like
don’t mind twilight, green with the limelight
what you gonna say to me?
north side boys yeah we flay enemies
seems like noise what you say to me
raise your voice when you pray to me
i’ll be found uptown with the crown around
my head renown for the finest sounds
establish grounds that achieve the count
and i’ll leave my house wearing a dressing gown
yeah i’m flexing, b-tch