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lirik lagu myles vice – bad habits (ft. zalinki)


please, allow me to show you something

[verse 1]
need to getting knacked [?] to kicked back
relax and the fat stacks
envision prisoner of my indecision
i’m slacking slippery slopes
hack and choke on bad habits
caught in my throat
cold in my lungs with a plan
no i don’t
know lo and behold
the dreamer [?]
[?] throat
no show, but a goal post
hoops, bars and the low rungs
used to shoot for the stars
[?] home runs
par for the course
hardly a forced to be reckoned with
can’t take on the world when i struggle making breakfast
function and post mortem
way out of proportions
zombie out lookin’ for brains
i wish i had been born with ’em
[instrumental bridge]

[verse 2]
sp~cing out
skating on thin ice and doubt
likelihood’s the cookie cutter concept
we’ll just bounce with the nice house
and a pretty garden
honest, i’m breathing carbon [?]
beggin’ that she’ll just pardon
what in god’s name have you been doing
sitting on the sidelines
praying from the views in church
what’s so confusin’?
divine intervention is a foolish word [?] to choose
putting miles in
i’m cruising with vices
nothing to loose, priceless
better get your sight fixed
to asap whitelist

[instrumental outro]